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Learning and Development...

We specialise in People Development and Change Management programmes that focus on the transformations that organisations are seeking to achieve their business objectives and, facilitate the changes in thinking and behaviour that are required to handle them successfully.


Our powerful holistic approach, and our principle-centred and desire-based programmes will have a direct and significant positive impact on your performance and bottom-line. Our programmes are either tailored to meet your objectives or are developed bespoke for your needs.


S4S - Strategies for Success -  is our flagship Leadership and Management Development programme based on our extensive research into human potential.


It aims to help both senior management and their staff bring their thoughts and emotions into clearer focus, reflect on their past and their present, and develop a personal action plan to move toward positive results in the future.


S4S is 21st century success skills education that will enable your organisation to tap into the real potential

your people have to make your organisation better, more efficient and more profitable whilst enabling your

people to "grow through" the challenges of our times.


Team Building and Development  -  Do you occasionally feel out-of-touch with your colleagues at work?

Just as we all have our own unique appearance, skills and talents, so we all have our own unique ways of

doing things. Sometimes this can irritate others.


One of the best ways to increase your effectiveness is to better understand yourself and others. You can then build on this understanding and create an environment that is conductive to your success, as well as develop strategies to adapt to the needs of others.


The DiSC Classic resource used for this 1-day programme helps individuals learn how to increase personal effectiveness and reduce or eliminate frustrations working with other people.


Successful Selling  -  This program helps equip participants with the skills and techniques necessary to increase sales productivity. Our goal is to help them sell to more people, more effectively, more ethically and more often.


Whether they are new to the profession or seasoned veterans, participants will learn a new skill, a new benefit statement or a new closing technique that will help them close that next sale. They will learn about themselves, their prospects and their customers as well as learning about effectively managing relationships, account management and identifying opportunities throughout an organisation.