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Our one-to-one service has been designed by you, from the feedback businesses gave us. We have looked at the market research done in this area, seeked advice and guidance from the stakeholders and responded to the practical needs of the region’s businesses.


We will provide you with a trusted, flexible, competent, confident and committed partner wherever and whenever you need us.


Our service will add value to your businesses by offering hands-on advice and support by providing:



                                                                 • A dedicated trusted adviser, who will be an extension to your team at times when you most need it,

                                                                  • A professional and affordable service,

                                                                  • Advice that is completely tailored to your individual business needs,

                                                                  • A practical hands-on approach to help you add value to your business(es),

                                                                  • Introductions to specialist services and resources as appropriate or required by you.  




We will remain in close contact with you to ensure that our working relationship continues to grow, and to ensure that you really do reap the benefits of the business support you will receive from us. We can help you implement new ideas and plans to help your business  succeed in the the markets we work and you wish to expand your business.


So, if you would like someone;


• with experience in a wide range of business areas to act as a sounding board for your ideas,

• to provide you  expert assistance with the overseas Sales process, as well as with direct

   commercial sales and with the creation of strategic trade and industrial partnerships,

• to help you implement better processes to improve sales results,

• to review your sales and marketing plan and help you implement improvements that should boost your sales.

• to provide powerful, cost effective and lasting training programmes that will positively impact your bottom-line, then we can help you.


We not only have a wealth of corporate knowledge and experience but we also have a sound knowledge in all aspects of running a small business from sales and marketing to managing finances and people. We will work with you, one-to-one, on things that really matter to you and your business. We will meet with you, listen to your requirements and work with you with a view to exceed your expectations.

Business Development and Sales...

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