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About us...

Global Links provide consulting, lobbying, business development and professional training and coaching services in both private and public sectors.


Public sector work primarily incorporates defence and policing.


We work with organisations to ensure their collaborative success in their respective and international markets. Our current clients include UK companies wishing to penetrate Turkish and neighbouring markets as well as a number of Middle Eastern, Asian and African markets.


With its base of operations in the North of England and associates in Turkey and critical European, African and Asian locations, Global Links is well placed to identify international business potential, to propose appropriate business strategies and to assist with local implementation.


Local knowledge and relationships are essential for effective international business development. Even for the most successful business people, crossing borders and cultures can be a very humbling experience. The potential for doing business in the countries we work and with their neighbouring countries are huge but it is also very complex. No matter how good your product or service, and no matter how much it might be in demand, the maze of languages, laws and cultures stands between you and highly lucrative international markets. Global Links will identify potential business partners and/or buyers in those markets, and help you through every stage of the business process, from initial contact to the ultimate sale and beyond.


Global Links will provide you with current political and industrial intelligence and policy analysis, strategic advice and lobbying and high-level access in government and industry. We have an impressive track record of helping UK firms to work out export strategies, identify opportunities and make business happen.


We understand the competitive environment and can propose appropriate marketing strategies. Global Links will provide you with expert assistance with the overseas Sales process, as well as with direct commercial sales and with the creation of strategic trade and industrial partnerships. Recognising the long-term nature of international business development, we remain involved in the capture and execution process to assure your awareness of changing local conditions and to assist as required with local procedures and communications.


We understand what it takes to be successful in the countries we work and internationally, to develop and implement winning strategies and help you avoid costly pitfalls.